July 24, 2019

Stretch Relief Acquires Power Stretch Studios NYC

Building on Stretch Relief’s fast growth, strategic acquisition further expands Stretch Relief’s NYC footprint.

NEW YORKJuly 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Stretch Relief, the only stretch studio in NYC to offer true personalized 1-on-1 recovery sessions, in-home services, group stretch classes, and corporate wellness programs, announced today their acquisition of Power Stretch Studios NYC and the planned merger of their business operations. Stretch Relief will acquire Power Stretch Studios’ assets, select staff, and client contracts. As of August 1, 2019, the merged businesses will operate under the Stretch Relief brand.

“Power Stretch Studios NYC offers an exciting opportunity for Stretch Relief to continue to rapidly expand our NYC footprint and meet the growing demand for stretch therapy services in NYC,” explains Amit Malik, founder and CEO of Stretch Relief. “In addition, this acquisition supports Stretch Relief’s strategy to continue leading the market for innovative recovery techniques.”

Marc Mizrahi, founder and CEO of Power Stretch Studios NYC, also commented, “Our clients come to us with the key goals of performing better, recovering faster and preventing injury. This acquisition will include several enhancements and benefits for our clients, most importantly a new stretch therapy approach that leverages industry best practice techniques along with state of the art technology. Stretch Relief’s method will allow our clients to further customize and optimize their sessions for better performance and faster recovery. In addition, our clients will now have more options and flexibility as it relates to locations, packages, trainers, etc.”

Stretch Relief’s unique 4-step approach personalizes each stretch to the individual client’s needs. This includes a physical assessment, Hypervolt warmup, stretch therapy and activation exercises. Their proprietary methodology has been featured in the media likes of Self, Vogue, Health, and People Magazines, as well as MarthaStewart.com. With three locations in Manhattan, the company expects rapid growth in the upcoming months, both domestically and internationally. For more information about Stretch Relief visit: https://stretchrelief.com

About Power Stretch Studios NYC

Power Stretch Studios, based in Murray Hill, has serviced the NYC market since 2016 and has continued to grow its client base due to the talented staff and exceptional service. The company’s approach has helped clients improve performance in physical activities, reduce risk of injuries, promote relaxation and enable a full range of motion for their joints, which allows muscles to work more effectively.  The loyalty of their clients is shown through the company’s high retention rate.

About Stretch Relief

Stretch Relief is NYC’s top trending stretch and recovery studio with 3 locations throughout Manhattan. The company provides personalized 1 on 1 assisted deep stretching for people of all fitness levels and in their location of choice: in-studio, in-home, or in-office through its Corporate Wellness program. Stretch Relief’s unique assisted stretching technique allows clients to improve flexibility, posture, range of motion, circulation and helps prevent future injuries. The company also offers several group stretch classes with a unique twist, including HIIT and sound healing, that teaches clients proper stretching techniques to maximize their flexibility, recovery and performance. Learn more at: https://stretchrelief.com

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