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Stretch Relief Digital

2-PERSON Partner Stretch

60 minutes of transformation for you and a partner to

assess & address muscle restrictions by digitally working

with an expert stretch therapist in the comfort of your own home.

Live stretcH SESSION for two

$89 per session

22% off

$69 per session

Stretch Online.

Feel Great Offline.

3-Phase Stretching for 2 People Guided by a Professional Stretch Therapist

Address your concerns // Assess your limitations // Stretch for relief

Your Home.

Your Studio.

If you can video chat from your phone, tablet,

or computer, and if you have enough room to stretch,

then you and your partner are ready for tremendous

amounts of relief through guided stretch therapy.

There's no need for expensive equipment and definitely

no need to leave your home. You don't even need to dress

up in fancy workout clothing. You don't need to buy any

devices or fitness accessories. Just schedule a time with

any qualified member of our Stretch Squad and we'll

handle the rest.

Grab Your Partner.

It's Time To Stretch.

This is a completely personalized stretch session that focuses

specifically on your and your partner.

Stretch Relief provides 3-phase stretching that consider

your goals, your body's current dynamics, and the root cause

of your physical limitations.

Covering the entire spectrum of daily activity, performance, recovery, and body composition, these stretches are designed to provide relief and improvements.

During your live session, your trainer will guide your partner through a series of assisted movements that help you relieve muscle tension, feel better, and move better.

We don't assign stretches off a menu; instead, everyone gets an individualized routine.

Phase 01


Your session will begin with a series of guided movements which your stretch therapist will walk you & your partner through. As you conduct each one, your stretch therapist will visualize & analyze limitations based on areas of friction and resistance.

During this time, your stretch therapist begins planning a series of corrective exercises that consider your lifestyle and your goals.

You and your partner will likely have a set of different movements, based on individual goals and body dynamics.

Phase 02


Your specific stretch routine is unlike the preworkout stretching that most people do at the gym. With advanced training in the dynamics of the human body, each stretch in your personalized session serves an extremely functional purpose in:

  • Correcting muscle imbalances
  • Relieve ongoing pain or pain from injuries
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Eliminate radiating stress

Phase 03


Continue pursuing your lifestyle & fitness goals with newfound knowledge and expert tips on how to maintain your progress through self-stretching.

Use these tips to sit better, walk better, run better, squat better, and feel better.

As you continue working directly with your stretch therapist, we'll be able to measure progress during your next assessment and celebrate your dedication to living better.




If you can find a partner, you both can experience the benefits of assisted functional stretching. Whether you only want one session or are ready to dominate your goals, you both can help each other stretch deeply under the guidance of one of our stretch therapists.

Regardless of your goals, we are confident that deep-tissue stretching will help you start living your very best life.

Move better. Feel better. Live better.


Stretch Relief can show you how to move better.


There are specific hip and back stretches we can use to address this plaguing issue.


Let's increase your range of motion by reducing muscle tension.

Don't Just Take Our Word.

Get Real Results.

Tensions are high in this world. Outside and inside. With a lot of households trying to navigate a life with suddenly two parents home that includes virtual schooling, endless crafts, and stir-crazy children (sound familiar?), the idea of self-care may seem impossible! But, luckily, this virtual world has us parents covered, too. If you and your partner are looking for a healthy way to relax after the kids go to bed, you MUST try a virtual stretch session from @stretchrelief !! Their 1-on-2 session gives you an hour of stretching at the direction of a knowledgeable trainer, and the experience of working with your partner to take turns helping to stretch each other out! It was a fun evening of team building, and our tired, child-carrying, neglected bodies felt AMAZING after!!! Try it out for yourself (from virtually anywhere!) And, don’t worry, if you don’t have a partner (or want a break from yours 😜) they offer 1-on-1 sessions, too! Thanks @stretchrelief 🥰

Couples that stretch together stay together 💚
We celebrated Valentine’s Day weekend with a couples stretch session in @stretchrelief studio this afternoon and loved our assisted stretch experience! During each of our 1:1 sessions, they tailored the hands-on stretch to work our specific muscle groups that needed a little extra TLC.
Both Brooks and myself spend a lot of time sitting at our desks each week, which means lots of muscle tightness and tension - so getting in a personalized deep stretch was such a treat (especially for my hip flexors and hamstrings) 😍
Stretching before and after activity is so important but often one of the most rushed parts of a workout. Taking time to intentionally stretch and work my muscle groups was such a rejuvenating experience that I’m excited to incorporate into my regular wellness routine 🏋️‍♀️

Stretching is something I've never focused on...until now. And I'm seeing improvements in my flexibility after taking these virtual 1:1 classes.

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