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This is Our “WHY”

Your search for the perfect stretch studio is over, Stretch Relief is here to help our fellow New Yorkers!

Personalization Behind Every Stretch

Stretch Relief customizes each and every stretch for your specific body and needs.

Personal Assessment

On your initial visit (or once a month with a Stretch Relief membership), expect a professional movement assessment designed by Corrective Exercise Specialists. We’ll review and explain the results to you and will store it in your client profile, so that when you come back, any trainer you go to will know exactly what to help you with.

Hypervolt Vibration Warmup

You should never stretch cold, meaning the body should be warmed up before stretching. Don’t have time to warm up first? Don’t sweat it. We’ll do it for you! We use the best technology available to help you get that blood flowing.

Stretch Therapy Activation

Now that we know YOUR body and you’re warmed up, our certified trainers will help you Repair, Restore and Recover. You’ll get a deep stretch focused either on your upper or lower extremities (with a 25 minute session) or you’ll get a full body recovery treatment (with a 50 minute session)

Meet Our Stretch Squad

Highly Certified & Rigorously Trained

Ready to Improve Your Life with Custom Stretch Programs

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Get 43% OFF your first 1 on 1 Stretch Session!