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Expert Stretching to Help You

Feel Better, Move Better & LIVE BETTER

"Move more comfortably in everyday life."

"Improve your posture and strengthen your core."

"Good for those with a demanding fitness routine"

Recover Faster

Stretch therapy helps you bounce back quicker from intense workouts and hectic daily schedules

Improve Flexibility & Mobility

Maximize your range of motion to prevent injury during exercise & improve posture and balance

Relieve Pain & Stress

Feel relaxed with fewer aches & pains as you relieve stress-inducing muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, and lower back

Perform Better

Enable your muscles to outperform your own records through increased flexibility, power, and endurance


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 Stretch Relief On DemanD

Anytime, Anywhere

Flexibility Exercises in Bayville, NY

  • Everyday Living - Posture, Lower Back Pain, Mobility, Stress & Mental Health
  • Athlete - Pre & Post Workout, Golf, Running, Cycling
  • Seniors - Mobility, Blood Flow, Hips & Knees, Mental Health

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Digital, personalized sessions with our certified therapists

Get the relief you need by working directly with a trainer to diagnose & relieve muscle imbalances through personalized programs that are easy-to-follow at home. 

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Stretch Relief on Demand

 Stretch Relief NYC

In the comfort of your home

The original Stretch Relief experience

Experience our original service in the comfort of your own home.  Safety of our clients and our staff is of utmost importance while we provide you with our expert stretch therapy that will leave you feeling better, moving better and living better.


We all want to live our best and enjoy everything life has to offer. You may often find physical limitations such as aches, pains, stress, and general discomfort limiting your ability to live the life you want. At Stretch Relief of Bayville, NY we're here to help. Our flexibility exercises and exercise stretching programs can help you improve your health, strengthen your body, and improve your ability to move through everyday life.

The Benefits We Offer

Our stretch therapy offers many advantages, and we can help you live a better, more pain-free life. Some of the benefits of our exercise stretching and flexibility exercises include faster recovery from workouts and other intense activities, an increase in your range of motion which helps prevent injury and improves your balance, reduced aches and pains, a reduction in the stress a sore and tense body can bring, and an overall increase in your athletic performance. Whether you want to move better, be stronger, or improve your flexibility, we can help. In addition to in-person classes in Bayville, NY, and throughout New York City, we also offer virtual instruction that is fully customized and available anywhere via digital platforms. That means our courses are available at your convenience and in a format that is right for you.

Types of Classes We Offer

At Stretch Relief, we understand that everyone’s athletic goals are different. That’s why we offer exercise stretching and flexibility exercises focused on specific outcomes to fit your lifestyle and needs. Some of our programs include athletic training that focuses on workout recovery and top performance in various sports. Everyday training is focused on improving your physical well-being, revealing stress, and improving your mental health. We also offer a plan for seniors to help them with mobility, improved joint health, improved mental health, and to help improve blood flow.

A Program You Can Depend On

Stretch Relief employs expert Stretch Therapists whose skill and expertise ensure that the exercise stretching you do will provide the improvements to your health that you’re looking to achieve. Our routines are easy to follow. Through a blend of on-demand video and personalized one-on-one sessions, you will notice the results. Our track record speaks for itself, and we combine our exercise stretching and flexibility exercises with precise assessments to track your progress and help you understand how close you are to achieving your fitness goals.

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Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

Anytime, Anywhere

No matter your fitness level, you'll feel physically and mentally relieved with any of

Stretch Relief's services.

Choose between on-demand stretch routines, digital personalized stretch sessions,

or exceptional in-person stretch services.

Whether you train hard or just need a break from your daily schedule,

the Stretch Relief experience gives you the relief you deserve and

keeps you coming back for more.

Stretch with the Best

Our expert Stretch Therapists have developed targeted stretch routines to help you feel better, move better and live better.

Routines you can RELY on

Easy-to-follow, on-demand video routines and personalized 1-on-1 sessions will ensure your body is
ready to do anything and everything.

Track progress & SET RECORDS

Our structured assessments help you visualize & understand your baseline and the progress you're making towards your personal goal.

Real Clients, Real Results

"He guided us through the entire time. It was super easy and clear to follow...while also relieving a lot of tension from working at home."

T. Almonte

"Therapeutic and helpful to pair with your workouts, trainings, or to combat any occupational repetitive movements and injuries."

S. Frys

"Much better and relaxed after my sessions - was even complimented on my improved posture from friends. Highly recommended."

S. Kulkarni

"...Trouble gaining more strength in my squats, and deep stretching turned out to be exactly what I needed to get over the hump."

W. Gunera