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Stimulate your stretching potential and unleash your limitless lifestyle by joining multiple classes every week. As you follow along with any one of our stretch classes, you'll be sure to keep your muscles moving the right way!

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A vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on holding particular asanas in order to stimulate your stretching potential.  Class will consist of a warm up to activate your muscles, flow and strengthening exercises, and cooling down, where you’ll have time to unwind through a series of carefully selected asanas and stretches to heal and repair your musculature.  Expect hands on assists in order to achieve deeper releases, articulate cueing, and a class that combines a combination of held asanas with flowing organic movements that will connect your mind, body, and breath so you may achieve the deepest stretch and length you’re capable of, while building the strength you also desire. All levels welcome!


For athletes and people of all fitness levels looking to improve performance and prevent injury! Avoid common injuries associated with activities such as running and cycling and even from sitting at a desk all day. Cycling and sitting at a desk all day are similar in the muscles you’re straining and will cause tight hips and tight lower back, unless properly stretched. These types of activities can lead to injuries from over-usage such as plantar fascistic, shin splints, tight lats, knee pain, and lower back pain, Achilles tendinitis and more. This small group training class is designed to release your over active muscles, elongate your shortened (tight) muscles and strengthen your muscles surrounding your foot & ankle , core and hip complex.


Stretch Relief’s unique combo class bridges the gap between functional human performance and recovery, taking you through a heart-pounding, total body, interval strength program. This group class taps into foundational core movements and rounds out with the all important, but often neglected, stretch segment. Sweat & Stretch makes the most out of the human body by delivering a unique experience which uses a stretch progression that guides you through your body's post workout recovery capabilities and leaves your body feeling fully pumped & recovered at the same time.


Take a break from your rigorous WFH (work-from-home) routine. Invigorate your body with this guided stretching class that targets your full body. Now you can finally do your part in reversing the negative effects of sitting down all-day. Your instructor will guide you through a series of movements to release tension and increase mobility in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, and glutes. Feel the relief as these muscles work together to enhance your posture, keep you upright, and ready to take on the day.