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Understand Your

Body Dynamics

Your body is unique. Your pain points are unique. Work with a certified stretch specialist to understand your muscular limitations and determine your individual pain points and areas of muscle friction.

Stretch With a Trainer

& Measure Progress

Break free from muscle tension with advanced stretch routines developed and guided by your stretch therapist. We'll assess your progress & tailor your program as we progress towards your goal.


You'll have unlimited access to our entire library of advanced stretches. Follow along with our goal-oriented stretches to improve mobility, increase flexibility, and accelerate your trainer-guided progress.

Phase 01

Gain a deeper understanding about your body through a series of functional movement screens, guided by your stretch therapist.

The comprehensive assessment enables your therapist to establish your baseline and craft an effective stretching program, specifically for your muscle imbalances.

Walk away with knowledge that empowers you to optimize your health, fitness, and wellness.

Phase 02

A personalized program of stretches to help you improve flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength.

Your assisted stretch program is designed to target visible & hidden muscle imbalances and the root causes of your muscle pain.

Feel & visualize the deep relief of assisted stretching through complete customization, based on your body's limitations and composition.

Phase 03

Move faster towards your personal goals with a more advanced knowledge of your body.

As your program evolves, we'll regularly monitor your movements & your metrics so you can visualize your achievements directly in our platform.

Unlike ordinary stretch routines, Stretch Relief sessions are as dynamic as your body. Whether at the gym, at home, at work, or anywhere really, your customized stretch plan evolves to provide deep relief for any lifestyle.

"It's amazing what a session can do for your muscles"

“I'm a big fan of Stretch Relief digital. The trainers have a real understanding of the body, and how to communicate the stretches virtually. As an active person, a busy Mom, and a Professional Personal Trainer I love using Stretch Relief as a key component to my recovery. I recommend Stretch Relief to all my clients - it's amazing what a session can do for your muscles.”


CPT & Founder of Miss Modern Wellness

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about Stretch Relief

Stretch Relief not only gave my body some much-needed self care, but the digital stretch session was a fun way to spend time with my husband. We were so happy to have that time together after the kids went to bed to focus on us and our wellness, right in our own living room. Thanks Stretch Relief!


Writer & Blogger

Recovery is just as important as the actual workout itself. I’ve never been good at stretching and I am really grateful that Stretch Relief offers digital 1-on-1 stretch sessions which has helped me tremendously during the quarantine. Even though they are digital, the sessions are still really intimate and informative. Their trainers do a great job at asking in depth questions to really make sure they understand your individual needs and goals and then tailor each session to that. For someone like me who’s always on the go, digital sessions are a lifesaver.

Fitness & Wellness Influencer

Staying at home for long hours wasn't easy and on top of my training I needed to find a way to receive professional guidance for my recovery. That's where Stretch Relief was able to deliver. With Digital sessions and their amazing trainers who provided easy to follow instructions, I was able to stretch and relieve a lot of tension in my body and muscles, and the great part is that I did it with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed the session. I definitely recommend Stretch Relief.

Personal Trainer & High Performance Tennis Pro

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