May 9, 2019

4 Myths About Stretching You Should Know

The only thing 100% true about stretching, is that we should all be doing it regularly if we want to stay healthy.

Most people skip stretching post-workout. BIG MISTAKE. It can make a huge difference for your muscle recovery and growth. Stretching warms your muscles, and warm muscles are more flexible.

Here’s 4 stretching myths you should be informed on:

It’s best to stretch after a workout.

MAYBE! Although it is safer to stretch with warmed up muscles. You should jog for five minutes or until you break a light sweat before you stretch. Ideally, you’ll want to stretch for a few minutes pre and post workout.

There’s one “right” way to stretch.

FALSE! There’s dozens of ways to stretch.

Stretching should hurt!

FALSE! If stretching hurts – you’re doing it wrong. When stretching, move into a stretch and stop when you feel some tension. While holding your stretch 15-30 seconds, breathe deeply. Relax, and repeat! Feel free to push further next time until you’re comfortable.

You should hold a stretch for at least 15 seconds.

Ex-False, Now TRUE! It is now believed holding a stretch between 15-30 seconds is optimal.