Have You Experienced the Transformative Power of Professional Stretching?

The Ultimate Form Of Self Care
Your Mind & Body Deserve and Need


to do the things you love


without any aches and pains


by reducing your daily physical and mental stress


Recover Faster

Stretch therapy helps you bounce back quicker from intense workouts and hectic daily schedules

Improve Flexibility & Mobility

Maximize your range of motion to prevent injury during exercise & improve posture and balance

Relieve Pain & Stress

Feel relaxed with fewer aches & pains as you relieve stress-inducing muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, and lower back

Perform Better

Enable your muscles to outperform your own records through increased flexibility, power, and endurance

STRETCH relief can be
your self-care partner

1-on-1 Stretch

Let our mobility experts transform your mind and body through the power of professional stretching.

Group Stretch Classes

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skill to properly stretch on your own to reduce those aches and pains, improve your mobility and flexibility, and help your body move the way it should.

Employee Wellness


1-on-1 Stretch

Let our mobility experts transform your mind and body through the power of professional stretching.

Group Stretch Classes

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skill to properly stretch on your own to reduce those aches and pains, improve your mobility and flexibility, and help your body move the way it should.

Employee Wellness


1-on-1 Stretch

Let our mobility experts transform your mind and body through the power of professional stretching

Group Stretch Classes

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skill to properly stretch on your own to reduce those aches and pains, improve your mobility and flexibility, and help your body move the way it should.

Employee Wellness


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Stretching is FOR EVERYONE.


Improve your stride, recover faster, prevent injury. Improve flexibility, improve range of motion, prevent injury.


Personal Trainer & High Performance Tennis Pro


“Staying at home for long hours wasn’t easy and on top of my training I needed to find a way to receive professional guidance for my recovery. That’s where Stretch Relief was able to deliver. With Digital sessions and their amazing trainers who provided easy to follow instructions, I was able to stretch and relieve a lot of tension in my body and muscles, and the great part is that I did it with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed the session. I definitely recommend Stretch Relief.”

Alexandro A.


“Stretch Relief is terrific! My session was awesome! She started by assessing my body, and noticed tightness in my glutes, which she believed was causing my lower back pain. She then spent the next hour focusing on the area, and by the end of my session I felt amazing, and noticed my back was feeling more relieved. 5 stars! ”

Active Agers

Maintain range of motion and mobility, which is important for overall health and independence.

Post Op Recovery

Aids in the recovery process by improving blood flow, reducing stiffness and preventing scar tissue from forming.

Ben C.


“Amazing! Have had great sessions so far and have felt looser and better. I’m usually a fan of massages, but have found the benefits to be temporary with massages. After each stretch relief session I’ve felt better and the results have lasted longer. I’ve seen two of their trainers and they both gave me a solid stretch, while also being very careful with my shoulder, which I had surgery on about 15 months ago. ”


Wall Street Professional


“Stretch Relief has been a game changer in my wellness routine since I started attending their stretch sessions regularly. Not only do the sessions help with easing muscle tension and increasing flexibility after sitting at the desk for long periods of time – but they have also been extremely helpful in my recovery process in between weight lifting and running. Highly recommended for both working professionals and athletes in training.”

Employee Wellness

Don't let your 9-to-5 /sitting-at-a-desk job wreak havoc on your body. Our stretch services will Improve your posture, relieve lower back pain, improve hip and knee mobility and relieve stress.

Stretch Relief Near You

Stretch Relief offers personalized 1-on-1 professional stretching services to athletes, seniors (or who we like to call “active agers”), patients recovering from surgery, and for those in physically demanding jobs (ranging from nurses to flight attendants to warehouse workers to the everyday 9 to 5’er). Our mission is to help individuals recover from injuries, relieve pain, and improve their overall physical and mental health through the power of stretch therapy. Discover the nearest Stretch Relief location and start your journey towards a healthier you.


For Summer 2023, we are only serving the Hamptons / Montauk area. We will be launching in NYC in Fall 2023. We are doing our 1-on-1 stretch therapy sessions in the comfort of our client’s homes and in hotels for hotel guests. Our classes will be held at select hotels (likely for hotel guests) and also at a studio in the Hamptons area (see schedule for specifics). 

Getting professionally stretched by a mobility expert offers unique benefits that differentiate it from massage and yoga. Here’s why it can be more restorative and beneficial:

1. Targeted focus: A mobility expert has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement patterns. They can identify your specific areas of tension or limited mobility and create a customized stretching plan to address those issues directly. This targeted approach ensures that you receive focused and effective stretching for maximum results.

2. Passive relaxation: Unlike yoga, where you actively engage in postures, or massage, where someone else manipulates your soft tissues, professional stretching allows you to relax passively while the expert guides your body into stretches. This passive stretching experience can provide a deep sense of relaxation and allow for better release of muscle tension.

3. Improved mobility and flexibility: Mobility experts are trained to understand the body’s biomechanics and employ techniques that can help increase your range of motion and flexibility more effectively than yoga or massage alone. Their expertise enables them to provide specific stretches that target tight muscles, improve joint mobility, and restore balance and alignment.

4. Corrective approach: Mobility experts often work with individuals recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic pain. They can identify imbalances or movement dysfunctions and use stretching techniques to correct those issues. By addressing the root causes of pain or limited mobility, professional stretching can lead to long-term improvements and help prevent future injuries.

5. Personalized guidance: When you receive professional stretching, you benefit from the guidance and expertise of a trained mobility expert. They can provide feedback, adjust stretches to your individual needs, and educate you on proper form and technique. This personalized approach ensures that you perform the stretches correctly and safely, maximizing the benefits you receive.

In summary, getting professionally stretched by a mobility expert offers targeted focus, passive relaxation, improved mobility and flexibility, a corrective approach, and personalized guidance. These factors combine to provide a more restorative and beneficial experience compared to massage and yoga alone.

Assisted stretching is a form of stretching where a trained professional guides you through a series of stretches to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall range of motion. It involves a combination of passive stretching techniques and gentle manipulation to help you achieve optimal stretching benefits.

Assisted stretching differs from regular stretching as it involves the assistance of a trained professional who guides and supports your body through a variety of stretches. The expert helps optimize your stretching technique, provides additional leverage, and ensures that you reach your maximum potential in each stretch.

Assisted stretching offers several benefits, including improved flexibility, enhanced muscle recovery, increased joint mobility, reduced muscle tension, better posture, and prevention of injuries. It can also help with relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being.

Assisted stretching is suitable for individuals of various ages and fitness levels. Our skilled professionals are trained to adapt the stretching techniques to accommodate different needs and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, we can tailor the session to match your requirements.

The duration of an assisted stretching session varies depending on your preferences and goals. Typically, a session lasts 60 minutes. Our experts will work with you to determine the appropriate session length and create a personalized plan that aligns with your needs.

We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothing that allows for a wide range of movement. It’s best to choose attire that is non-restrictive and enables easy access to the body parts being stretched. Athletic wear such as shorts, leggings, or t-shirts are commonly worn during sessions.

No, you don’t need to bring any equipment or props. We provide all the necessary equipment, including mats and any additional tools required for the assisted stretching session. Just come in with an open mind and readiness to experience the benefits of assisted stretching.

The frequency of assisted stretching sessions depends on your individual goals and needs. For optimal results, we recommend starting with at least one session per week. As you progress and become more comfortable, you can adjust the frequency in consultation with our professionals to ensure consistent progress.

Yes, assisted stretching can be beneficial for specific conditions or injuries. Our trained professionals can assess your situation and tailor the stretching techniques to accommodate your needs. Assisted stretching can help with conditions such as muscle imbalances, postural issues, tightness, and recovery from certain injuries. However, we always recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for any specific medical concerns.

Yes, our group stretch classes are designed to accommodate individuals of all levels, including beginners. Our instructors provide modifications and variations to cater to different skill levels within the class. Whether you’re new to stretching or have experience, our group classes offer a supportive environment to help you progress and improve.

During a group stretch class, you can expect a guided session led by our experienced instructors. The class will involve a series of stretches targeting different muscle groups to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall body awareness. Our instructors will provide clear instructions, modifications, and adjustments to ensure everyone can participate comfortably.

To secure your spot in our group stretch classes, we recommend reserving in advance. This allows us to manage class sizes effectively and ensure a quality experience for all participants. You can easily reserve your spot through our online booking system.

Our group stretch classes typically accommodate a small number of participants to maintain a personalized experience and allow our instructors to provide individual attention. The exact class size may vary, but we strive to create an intimate setting with a sense of community.

Absolutely! We value your preferences and goals. While our classes and sessions are designed to target a variety of muscle groups, you can communicate your specific areas of focus or concerns to our instructors. They will strive to incorporate those requests, tailoring the stretches to address your individual needs whenever possible.

Yes, we offer various packages and discounts for our regular attendees. These packages are designed to provide value and flexibility in attending multiple sessions. We also run occasional promotions and special offers, so be sure to check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on discounts and packages.

Yes, we offer private one-on-one assisted stretching sessions for individuals seeking a more personalized experience. These sessions provide dedicated attention from our mobility experts, allowing for deeper focus on your specific needs, goals, and any limitations you may have. Private sessions can be tailored precisely to your requirements.

Yes, the stretching techniques used in our sessions and classes are safe and based on proven research. Our instructors are highly trained professionals who prioritize safety and follow industry best practices. They stay updated with the latest research and techniques to provide you with a safe and effective stretching experience.

Absolutely! Assisted stretching can complement various fitness activities and exercise routines. It helps enhance your overall performance, prevent injuries, and promote better recovery. Our mobility experts can work with you to integrate assisted stretching into your existing fitness regimen to maximize its benefits.

We have a cancellation policy in place to ensure fairness and efficient class scheduling. We kindly request that you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Late cancellations or no-shows may be subject to a cancellation fee. Please refer to our specific cancellation policy for more details.

To get started, simply visit our website or contact us to schedule your first assisted stretching session or reserve a spot in a group stretch class. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient date and time that fits your schedule. We look forward to helping you embark on your stretching journey!